Thunderbird Cybernest Mailing List Policy

To become a member of any Thunderbird mailing list, you must accept the following policy.

The respective message posting addresses will be forwarded to you upon acceptance of the mailing list policy as contained herein.

The suggested subject areas for posting are the following:


The Thunderbird mailing lists are served by an automated list server. However, all messages are monitored by the list administrator. You can unsubscribe your email address directly to the list server, all other requests are to be submitted to the list administrator. If you don't receive any messages for several days, contact the administrator to determine the problem.

No spamming or flaming will be tolerated. Offensive language or personal comments of a derogatory nature are not acceptable. Both are grounds for immediate suspension or termination of mailing list privileges.


The mailing lists are NOT to be used for commercial purposes, neither postings to the mailing list nor use of the subscriber's email addresses. Use of these for commercial purposes will result in your immediate and permanent removal from the mailing list. The mailing list is to provide information to its members for the benefit of all its members, not any member individually.

If circumstances dictate that to answer a question requires referring to a commercial product or source, that is acceptable. However, the product or source should only be referenced, avoiding promotion.

Individuals selling cars or parts, looking for cars or parts, or announcing an event, can post this to the mailing list a single time. After that they should use the Thunderbird Cybernest web site. If you wish more information about a car or part for sale, an event or club, and any related costs, that is between the individuals involved and not the concern of the entire mailing list. Those transactions should be conducted by private email.

I have included on the Thunderbird Cybernest web site, an opportunity for advertising parts, service, dealers, and clubs. This is the forum which is to be used for commercial advertising.

Reference to advertising on a commercial auction site, such as eBay or otherwise, is not permitted.

In the signature block at the end of a personal message, a 1-3 line business name, address, and phone number of the addressee is acceptable. Longer than that is not acceptable.


Messages seen on the Thunderbird mailing list(s) are the personal opinions of their authors, presented for the private use of subscribers, and do not represent the official policies or opinions of the Thunderbird Cybernest, mailing list administrator, the Ford Motor Company, any organization, or any club, unless stated as such.

Copyright on Thunderbird messages remains with the original author. Private use, archiving, and hardcopying by subscribers is permitted. With the exception of the Thunderbird mailing list(s), redistribution of messages in any form without the explicit consent of the author, including but not limited to publication, reposting on other computer services, or displaying product reviews to vendors, is expressly forbidden. Redistribution without permission will result in immediate and permanent removal from the mailing list.

Jerry Wotel Thunderbird Cybernest Mailing Lists Owner

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